A Mix Bag Of Radio DJ’s

According to JunkMail’s Blog there are 6 South African radio DJ’s to listen to that will sure make your radio listening experience pleasurable, with 3 of those DJ’s coming from the same station (5FM). Many people listen to radio mostly in the morning on their way to work or school, and in the afternoon on their way home from work or school. Apparently it’s not about which radio station you listen to, but it’s which DJ to listen to, that’ll make radio listening fun and edgy. The following are 6 DJ’s JunkMail suggested you should give your time and ears to
1. Gareth Cliff (5FM Mornings 6am-9am) is one of the most controversial radio DJ’s S.A has seen in a while, his controversy has lended him in hot water a couple of times, but he’s still as upront as ever, and THAT makes his show enjoyable as there’s NEVER a dull moment.
2. Rob Forbes (The Rob Forbes Show 9am-midday) recently left campus radio TuksFM for a big shot station 5FM to spread his wings, and that he has done, his dry sense of humor and interactive topics and games coupled with great studio guests, he has proven himself that he has staying power. He also has gained a lot of following since he started at 5FM
3. Rian Van Heerden (Rian’s Show 6am-9am) is also one of TuksFM’s pride who is doing very well for himself at JacarandaFM with an Afrikaans flair to spice things up, Rian’s experience in radio has secured him the love and respect he so much deserves.
4. Barney Simons (Barney Simon’s Show 13:00-16:00) is the original member of Radio 5, now known as 5FM who was/is famous for his Rock & Roll shows that got Rock lovers rocking on…After leaving 5FM he went back to TuksFM, then later joined JacarandaFM where he’s currently hosting the 1 to 4pm slot, with his experience, who am I to argue with JunkMail’s suggestion to check this guy’s show out?
5. Anele Mdoda (Highveld’s Afternoon drive with Anele16:00-19:00) yet ANOTHER oner of TuksFM’s pride, Anele left TuksFM to Join Highveld Stereo in the early 2000’s, THEN left Highveld Stereo to join 5FM. After just 3 years at 5FM, Highveld approached Anele with a deal she couldn’t resist, her afternoon drive show is one of a kind, with Anele’s sense of humor and sarcasm, it is sure a show not to be missed
6. DJ Fresh (The Fresh Drive 15:00-19:00) it wouldn’t be a top6 without DJ Fresh in the mix, there’s really nothing much to say about Fresh apart from the fact that this guy IS radio.
For a guy like me who’s obsessed with radio, I struggle to choose which DJ to listen to. If the above list does not ‘apply’ to you, it’s fine, it is one person’s view either way, but I couldn’t agree more with the list…
Keep listening 😉


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