Radio: Who’s Moving Where?

Over the past couple of months, a lot has happened in the radio world. From Bridget’s move from Jacaranda FM to Kaya FM to DJ Euphonik and DJ Milkshake announcing hanging their 5FM mics. This is just the tip of what has been happening in the world of this beautiful broadcasting medium.

Bridget Masinga made a radio comeback last year August by joining Jacaranda FM, just after a year at the Kagiso Media owned station, Masinga announced her departure to her fans on social media. Bridget is joining the Rosebank based Kaya FM, alongside rapper Pro Verb and radio darling and  Unathi Msengana’s husband, Thomas Msengana.

Meanwhile, it has recently been confirmed that Euphonik and DJ Milkshake will be leaving SABC’s 5FM after a number of years at the station. Euphonik is joining 947 **sigh**

In other news…

Apart from those who are changing their radio homes, former Metro FM’s drive time host, Tbo Touch teamed up with the controversial Gareth Cliff to launch “South Africa’s first 24 hour online music station”. TouchCentral went on air as the country was celebrating Spring Day.

I’m still unsure about whether the world of online radio will survive especially if online is competing with analogue, seeing that data is so expensive in South Africa. When will the fight for cheaper internet access be achieved? Another mystery…


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